What is the Intelliriver System?

The IntelliRiver system is a suite of 3 applications that specialise in 1) intelligence collection, 2) intelligence analysis and 3) forecasting. In a dynamic world of information, the internet holds the key to huge arrays of public information, vastly dispersed and generally existing as snippets of information on individual websites. Each snippet is a part of a broader information continuum and requires consideration for informed intelligence analysis. The process of collecting, organising, analysing the information, then further working it into usable intelligence is hugely time consuming and often disjointed in silos.

The IntelliRiver Source system solves the disjointed and labour intensive process of intelligence gathering by automates the process of information collection and analysis. IntelliRiver Source sets recurring searches of the internet based on user defined search terms of interest. The system employs a wide network of information sources recognising the fact that the information from different search engines is highly filtered and ranked, meaning a 3rd party has decided what information is important for you to see.

Once information is collected, it can then be discussed and analysed in IntelliRiver Rapids, a system designed for robust evidence based discussion amongst allied intelligence networks. Rapids has employed some innovative discussion techniques allowing higher level visualisation of community opinions.

Finally Horizons is where clarity is achieved. A community of users can review key pieces of information then make forecasts and map outcomes in the future. The combination of the crowd effect along with our custom forecast processes drastically improves accuracy of forecasts.

The automated aspects of the IntelliRiver system allow human intelligence resources to focus on the analysis and forecasting of future events with a view to forming a strategic response.


The Intelliriver System Features

Below are some of the features of the Intelliriver 3 part system for assessing risk and managing open source intelligence

An automated system to monitor the internet for key topics of interest.
- set a daily search of the internet
- search google, bing, yandex, baidu, social media, RSS and email subscriptions
- a comprehensive information repository of up to 5 million articles
- collate information into issues
- use our tools for issue analysis
- create your own email brief/newsletter
- collect up to 5 million intelligence articles
Allows you to know what you know and know what you don’t know
-a revolutionary new way to debate issues
-map a discussion visually
-discussions based on evidence
-form opinions considering the opinions of others
Harness the knowledge of human capital for predicting the future
-use human knowledge and expertise to consider the the likelihood of outcomes
-crowdsource based means of forecasting the future
-backed by Artificial Intelligence capabilities
-use crowds to make more accurate predictions than single experts

One System for managing risk

Our Information Source Partners

  • Manage your information for better policy decisions and justification

  • Enjoy being a source of knowledge and news when talking with colleagues

  • Develop peer reviewed rationales based on evidence rather than guesswork

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